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Name:Serra of Ostia

Serra of Ostia: the Outspoken Cleric

A high maintenance cleric in service to the St. Elimine Church. She believes that everyone around her should praise her. Her past is never fully elaborated on but she claims to be of noble Etrurian descent but was abandoned by her parents because of a succession dispute. She was left alone in an abbey near the Ostian and Etrurian boarder where she was neglected and treated miserably along with other children. She eventually becomes a cleric. When the abbey was rebuilt under Lord Uther's reign, conditions improved but it was still a dismal place. Later, she enters the service under House Ostia. Due to her past, she dislikes people prying into it and only shares her past with those close to her.

She is loud, confident, and very high maintenance but it is suggested that she only acts that way to get attention-- which she never received as a child. Most people find her very annoying. She has a knack for twisting words and making them into compliments. Though she was abandoned by her parents and doesn't remember them, she believes that they are beautiful people and that they will some day come back and claim her. Her feelings are easily hurt and she doesn't respond well to criticism (that is, if it actually gets to her). Serra is quick to assume which leads to making mistakes. She likes to help people but most would prefer to seek help else where.

Blessed Saint Elimine! Grant us the strength to win this with ease.

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